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Lil G Teaches Me

Last week, my family headed to New Life Ranch for a 3 day family camp.  NLR has a terrific high ropes section built on a small island surrounded by a creek.  My son Garrison is not quite four and he was as ready as any of us for a high ropes adventure on the The Screamer!  Here’s the video footage:

Now I wasn’t looking for an illustration on life and faith on this particular day, but I could not ignore the beauty of the moment.  It’s what I love about children and adolescents–they consistently remind us to get off the bench of life and take a chance.  Last week, Garrison reminded me that by entering the unknown, I can:

Experience a new perspective.  Garrison seems fine that he is looking down on us from about 3 stories  high!  He’s relaxed as he takes in the view near the top of the screamer pole.  Maybe a preschooler doesn’t quite understand all that’s at risk for him on a ropes element like the screamer, but sometimes I wish I could look through the lens of courage and not find it clouded by worry or prejudice or my fear of the unknown.

Let go of fears holding me back.  Only a second or two after my husband tells Garrison to let go, he lets go!  I’ve seen older kids and adults hesitate to let go because they know once they do, there’s no turning back.  That’s one of the hardest things for me to do–let go of something that makes me feel safe in order to experience something that makes me vulnerable.  I can think of several times in my life when I did not let go, and by being unwilling to let go and take a chance, I missed out on something incredible.

Enjoy an unbelievable ride.  If you can’t tell by the video, Garrison was having a blast!  His smile was as wide as the sky and he layed back in his harness and let the wind blow in his face while the screamer swang from side to side. He could have been panicking and screaming to get down the entire time, but he chose to love this new exhilaration!   Sometimes we can be so consumed with how something is different from what we know, or not what we expected, that we forget to relax, take it all in and enjoy the ride.

Thanks Lil G for teaching me!

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