Redeemer started a new series today called Love(d): no limits, no conditions.  Here’s the first prayer reflection I wrote for it, with the help of my friend Alison Myers:

It’s possible to walk alongside Jesus and miss all that he has to give. Of all the people crowded around him in Luke 8:40-48, we only see one person experience life change, and that was the woman who knew she needed the healing he offered. She didn’t get caught up in the mental game of whether she was good enough, or worry about if people would look at her action as scandalous. She just simply reached out her hand to touch the hem of his garment, trusting that it would be enough. What she got from a momentary brush against an inch of Jesus’ clothing was a healing of body and soul. What he gave her was her life back.

That’s what happens when we allow ourselves to be fully and wholly loved. It’s one thing to know about God’s love, talk about how wonderful it is, and even sing about it in Sunday songs and hear about it in a message—but when we take that step of faith and actually open ourselves up to that Love entering into our physical and spiritual selves, it literally transforms everything from unhealthy cells to emotional brokenness to raw, daily struggles.

Ask yourself:

Have I just been walking alongside Jesus and missing all he has to give?

Is there a physical or spiritual brokenness that continues to plague my life?

If I were in that crowd the woman found herself in, would I be ready, and possibly even desperate enough, to extend my hand and touch the hem of Jesus’ garment?

Is today the day to start being loved?


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