NorthStar: Finding Our Way Home to God – Day 5

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A Party I Don’t Want to Miss

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the food! I start craving pumpkin pie and gingerbread in September, and have a special weakness for those cute little Christmas tree cookies with green icing and cinnamon candies. Something about the warmth and richness of holiday foods is incredibly satisfying to me. At Christmas parties, I gaze at the feast of fun foods spread beautifully across the table and am overwhelmed by how wonderful it will all taste.

There is also something warm and satisfying about trusting that God is walking alongside me through this life. It’s like he has extended an invitation to join him at a marvelous celebration complete with the finest foods and most excellent wines.  And the purpose of this celebration?  His love for us. I’ve found that the table is adorned with beautiful lights and delicious foods that will fill my hungry spirit inside. lt’s the light of peace for my restless questions and the light of grace for the unconquerable weakness I see in myself. lt’s the food that sustains me when the struggles seem overpowering and the sweet drink that fills my longing for purpose and significance.

He escorts me to the banquet hall; it’s obvious how much he loves me.  Song of Solomon 2:4

I believe that was God’s purpose from the very beginning.  He gave us life and created us to experience it in celebration with him. Somehow, though, we have forgotten about the banquet or gotten too busy to get it on our calendar, pretty much throughout history.  So, God issued an invitation to get to know him again through a baby born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. And he’s been hosting that party every year since. You and I are on the guest list. He quite frankly doesn’t care if we’ve screwed up our entire year, or decade for that matter.  He’s not discouraged if we’ve been distant.  And he doesn’t mind if we come with our doubts about him or soapboxes about how we’ve been mistreated by his other guests.  He still really wants us to be there, with him.

So, I plan to go and spend some time reconnecting with God at this little event called Christmas–and you’ll probably find me right next to the table with the iced tree cookies! I also hope that his genuine desire to celebrate with you is unmistakable, and I hope to see you there!

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