My little Christmas project

There are 2 things I am really passionate about – making music and encouraging the lives of teens, especially when those teens are walking a difficult road.

A few years ago, I decided that since singing isn’t my main job, I want to give it away so that others can give to teenagers in need – and started a little endeavor called Songs for the Cause.  I sing for corporate, family and community gatherings at no charge, and the host donates to the cause I support.

This year, I met Ashley Walker who is the leader of Launch Ministry, and heard her dream of establishing a multi-house group home for teen girls who will probably finish high school in foster care.  She has started phase one and Project Manna Girls’ Home is giving 4-6 girls hope for their future and tangible help in life skills a lot of foster children miss out on because they lack a stable home.

The girls at Project Manna Girls’ Home have lived in multiple foster care placements before coming to Project Manna. This incredible place is their chance for a stable, enduring home to finish high school and look towards a hopeful future instead of always being reminded of a troubled childhood.

I am honored to support Project Manna Girls’ Home and give them the benefits of any singing I do.  At Christmas, Songs for the Cause becomes Songs for the Claus!  I try to book 2-3 events to provide holiday music in return for a donation to the amazing girls at Project Manna.

If you would like to know more about Ashley Walker’s heart for this crucial and life-changing ministry, you can visit

to learn more and get involved.  If you’d like to support Project Manna and give your holiday party guests a little music treat, go to to listen to a demo and submit a booking inquiry.

I believe with everything that I am that life is much if God is in it, and Songs for the Claus is my small way of living that out for foster children and giving to those who are most near to God’s heart.

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