A good word from one of my favorites: CS Lewis

Some mornings, I read a daily reflection from A Year with CS Lewis and this morning’s reading struck me with a deeper appreciation for what a veteran may have lived and experienced.  It’s a day late, but still so good:

For let us make no mistake. All that we fear from all the kinds of adversity, severally, is collected together in the life of a soldier on active service.

Like sickness, it threatens pain and death.

Like poverty, it threatens ill lodging, cold, heat, thirst, and hunger.

Like slavery, it threatens toil, humiliation, injustice, and arbitrary rule.

Like exile, it separates you from all you love.

Like the gallies, it imprisons you at close quarters with uncongenial companions.

It threatens every temporal evil—every evil except dishonour…. 

Excerpt From: C. S. Lewis. “A Year with C. S. Lewis.” HarperCollins. iBooks. 

Check out this book on the iBooks Store: https://itun.es/us/4wxRv.l

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