Standout moments with Dad

There are so many memories my dad has given me that are imbedded in the fibers of my heart – the simple moments most defined by his love for us and his joie de vivre.  Here a few moments that stand out for me:

  • A trip into the city at age 4 to visit him working at Hallmark Cards.  He wanted everyone to meet his little girl.
  • Singing my first solo in a talent show in 6th grade.  He started the standing ovation.
  • Riding shotgun with him on all night vacation drives across Wyoming & Nebraska.  We’d sing along with country radio and talk about life and faith.
  • His contagious love of living out west.  I felt like my whole childhood was an adventure.
  • His booming voice that demanded our attention when we were in trouble and left no doubt that he loved us when we were having a bad day.
  • Chopsticks in his ears and a boyish smile on his face in an Asian restaurant – for no reason but the sheer joy of hearing us giggle and drawing verbal fire from Mom.
  • His deep devotion to his wife and mother.
  • One week in Estes Park, CO and he knew everyone in our little motel on a first name basis.  People would drive up on their Harleys and ask me, “Have you seen Bob?”!!!
  • Annual phone calls at 6:00 am to sing Happy Birthday to his kids.
  • Countless acts of spontaneous generosity to family, friends and even strangers.

This is the standout father’s love that has been given in my life every time it has mattered.  Thanks Dad.  Happy Father’s Day.

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