Leadership Mapping: Step 1

Know your leadership story.  Everyone has a leadership story.  It’s a mixture of what we have experienced or have been taught as well as how we naturally function in a leadership capacity.

I think that sometimes people who are trying to point the way for a company or team miss the crucial first step in knowing and understanding their own leadership story.  Skipping this valuable exercise can create blind spots in how we give direction.  It can also cause an influence gap because those we lead typically see our blind spots very clearly!

Here are some good questions to start the process of knowing your leadership story.  You might even think of a few to add!

  • why am I here?
  • what can I do?
  • what can’t I do?
  • where can I grow?
  • how much of my leadership is just how I’m wired?
  • how much of my leadership is a response to how I’ve been led?

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