Courageous or Political?


courage:  the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty  (

Here’s a thought that has been welling up within me these past few weeks.  I deeply appreciate our government leaders trying to do something they feel is politically courageous on health care reform.  I, too, feel our system is in need of renovation.

But I would argue that we as a nation, and they as leaders have not had the courage to venture into the difficult waters of working together in this process, our elected officials have not persevered in trying to make the right changes happen the right way – no matter how long it takes – and they have not withstood the difficult collaboration that such a huge change obviously needs.

So, my question is:  Even if their belief in the policy is politically courageous, if the process isn’t politically courageous, hasn’t it just become political and no longer courageous?

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  1. Michael J. Howard

    Again, First I would question the use of the term “leaders” in describing the elected officials currently “representing” us in Washington D.C. There is nothing courageous about this Health Care reform Process, on either side. The Democrats are attempting to coerce the Inter-state commerce clause of the Constitution and in so doing are violating the 10th Amendment of States rights. This is outright deceitful and unlawful. The Republicans have failed thus far in their role as the minority. Procedural attempts to thwart this bill is only a half-hearted attempt to keep the bill from becoming law. There should have been 219 Representatives and Senators standing shoulder to shoulder opposing this Health Care Legisilation. 219 standing together everytime the President spoke on the topic, saying “NO, Not this bill, not this time. 219 speaking with 1 voice in unity. They have failed as the minority to speak the voice of the majority Americans, to the Majority party.

    And not to be left unaccountable, The President of the United States has failed. The President of “transparency” has hidden behind his telepromters, the closed door sessions of the Democrats in the House and Senate, and a progressive agenda driven ego that has turned the office of President into a brass knuckle bully. The only transparency evident is the desire of His Administration to crassly thumb it’s nose and the Constitution and all that this democratic republic stands for.

    We as Americans unfortunately can no longer depend on the elected officials in Washington D.C to display the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Our Founding Fathers displayed courage….Todays “leaders” embarassingly are barely able to summon qualities of meekness, and that is a stretch to say that they have reached that high a standard.

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